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Services - MCI Group

Management Diagnosis and Strategy

Business environment is intensively transforming and it is becoming more complex. Managers need to deal with increasingly more tasks in the limited time period and still there are issues which might evolve in the process. Running business is impossible without constant development. At the same time, it should adapt the market features. In the modern business our service of Management Diagnosis and Strategy supports innovation-oriented strategic and operational activities of companies. It includes:

  • Management diagnosis and elaboration of development plan
  • Analysis of planning methods and processes
  • Analysis and recommendations on management structure and responsibilities of personnel
  • Coordination between functional units and employees
  • Management of human resources, analysis and recommendations on motivation systems
  • Methods of control in every unit of management
  • Management of network development and logistics
  • Continuous monitoring of processes
  • Design of tailored management structure and implementation

Business Plan

Business plan is a core element for receiving investment to start or widen your business. It is a document where each business-related issue is described in details. Business plan basically includes analyzed possible problems with solutions which may occur whilst business operations.

Moreover professionally developed business plan is a valuable active for receiving a bank loan.

Financial Diagnosis and Management

One of the indicators of business success is financial dynamism of a company. The effective management of capital includes planning, cost optimization, control and administration.

The service of financial diagnosis and management offers by MCI Groupincludes the following issues:

  • Researching financial conditions of the company and analyze its dynamism
  • Elaborating strategic and operational financial plan, optimizing costs and increasing revenue
  • Studying financial risks and managing them
  • Financial management, designing and implementing effective system of budgeting

Business Diagnosis and Strategy

During its life period, every company should question on its position on the market, whether there is a gap between company status quo and the goals, how can it concentrate resources to fully utilize the opportunities. Business diagnosis covers research in every aspect of business and the forthcoming monitoring:

  • General evaluation of business – history of a company, mission, goals, product/service, employees, suppliers, customers and coverage area;
  • Management diagnosis – structure, personnel, control & motivation, logistics, coordination and planning;
  • Marketing diagnosis – brand, positioning, product/service, communication channels, target market, demand, competitors, pricing policy, packaging and customer stimulation methods;
  • Financial diagnosis – financial analysis in dynamics, cash flow, balance, evaluation with financial rates, strategic and operational financial plan, financial risks and budgeting systems.
  • Strategic and operational business planning, unlocking opportunities for growth.

Legal Consulting

Legal consulting service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Verbal and written legal consulting
  • Creating and analyzing any type of agreement
  • Elaborating relevant documentation for a client
  • Inquiring legal drawbacks and giving tailored recommendations
  • Negotiations with engagement of the lawyer
  • Legal representation with the third party

Web development and online Marketing

Online Marketing is a new product of MCI Group. It includes SEO in Google, Bing and Yandex. Moreover product covers online campaigns’ management in social networks such as: Facebook, YouTube, Vkontakte, etc.

Within the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) beneficiary company is being optimized at particular search engines – company info moves in the leading positions whilst searching process.

Online Marketing in Google covers complex services such as: Google Adword, display advertisments, organic position. These are the main advertising capabilities and if a company assimilates each at high levels – it most probably will enhance the number of visitors on a web page.

Display advertisement means showing banner-type, text, video, etc. ads within Google partner networks such as: YouTube, Gmail, G+, etc.

Google organic position means to show your ad at Google search results in priority position. This capability gives you an opportunity to screen your advertisement for your potential clients and get your product/service more well recognized.

Facebook nowadays is the largest and the most popular social network globally. Advertising in that latter network means:

  • Facebook advertisement
  • Online campaign management
  • Facebook page management
  • Facebook retargeting

We also provide support whilst working with networks like Yandex search,, etc.

MCI Group provides all above mentioned services. Our professional online marketers would with pleasure take care of your advertisements.

Management of Investment Portfolios

Investment management in a real business throughout a world in order to get financial profit

Marketing and Sales Growth

Nowadays Marketing is a tool that guarantees commercial benefits for businesses and the proper positioning on the market.With the help of marketing techniques it is possible to have an effective communication with customers and accomplish applicable changes from their needs.

Marketing management includes following services:

  • SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis, 4P;
  • Consumer market research; Brand awareness research; Competitors research;
  • Customers, Competition;
  • Market positioning, stimulation;
  • Branding and Re-branding;
  • New Ideas, New challenges;
  • Marketing strategy planning and implementation.

Sales Diagnosis and Growth

Active Sales channels: developing and implementing active sales strategies

  • Direct sales
  • Corporate sales
  • Telemarketing
  • Diller sales
  • Partnership sales

Passive Sales channels:

  • Advertising
  • Domino Effect



Outsourcing Management

Outsourcing is a very effective and popular method for business optimization. Main profit of our collaboration in specific specific spheres are:

  • The specific sphere-specialized professional team work on the project.
  • Our team has an experience of execution of complex consultation projects. Reducing the decision making risks we make the company more competitive. Our team shares experience with partner and provides Couching.
  • Our partner focuses on its basic work and saves time, reduces amount of staff and expanses and gets even more efficient.
  • Management by outsource augments effectiveness and the speed of work. With a durable approach, it makes partner company to lead, out of the comport zone.
  • Our team holds strategically imposing knowledge about separate markets. Our team uses this knowledge while working with our partners.
  • Hence from MCI GROUP principles, our company is oriented on increasing of profits and development of partner company.

Geological, Geodetic, Hydro-geological and Topo-geodetic Service