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The idea of establishing our company was to enter, manage and invest and so we started with full package consulting services that will take our partner companies to a new level. Package includes: Management, finances, marketing, sales, investment, international integrity. Mci has 10 years of cross-cutting practice: reforms, strategic planning and change management, sustainable development, investment and innovation management, 100+ million budget management, intercultural communications and negotiation management, international market relations and globalization.

We cover almost all sectors: distribution and manufacturing ( food, furniture, household, chemicals, building materials, metal constructions, hydro stations, cosmetics, service, fashion), healthcare, mass media, hotel management, financial institutions, digital business, construction, retail, etc.

The diagnosis of business was decisive for its further strategic development. Diagnostics requires complex competences and thinking. Executing specific operating plans and synchronizing actions is the key. The focus was on user trust and our trust with our employees. The focus covers financially justified and original decisions for partner companies.

MCI Group is a business consulting and investment company oriented on innovative business development. Partner to existing or potential business in management, consulting and investments that offers diverse, financially justified solutions made individually. During consulting projects we are looking for strong, highly qualified partners. They will become our potential shareholders in a way through indirect and direct investments.

MCI has implemented important projects in different sectors. Our portfolio includes management outsourcing and investments in largescale companies. Through the synthesis of the complete business package (managerial, financial, legal, sales, marketing, investment) we have a new, different vision with full observance of objectivity and professionalism.


The main mission of our company is to run and develop international business and manage investment portfolios. With today’s experience and tomorrow’s vision of business management, we provide the basis of business sector, making consulting a vital part of successful business.

  • For partners and shareholders MCI is the most preferred, innovative business partner in consulting and investments.
  • For employees we suggest the source of pride, because each one has a comfortable and modern working environment for continuous professional and career growth.

We have our Green strategy by producing and developing the service which will be always demanded, stable, sustainable and flexible, by maximizing a value for: shareholders, partners and the environment.

Innovations, different vision, persistent changes, intelligence and business attitude, direct and open relationships, simple concepts and decisions, revolutionary steps to change sectors throughout the country scale – it was our way of success. This helped the partner companies increase 100%  and more their profits. This is the reason why we and our partners continue to grow.

We have established a practice similar to a doctor-patient relationship. Just as a patient visits a doctor for a check-up , our clients visit us the same way and we give them receipts.

Our mission is to be reliable partner for business sector with our current experience and futuristic vision of business management. Make consulting a vital part of successful business.


MCI Group is centered on innovative development. MCI is a reliable partner for both operating and potential business entities in the field of business consulting. MCI provides diverse, individually elaborated decisions aimed at strengthening costumers’ stance on the market.

MCI Group