Sales growth and 5 star service masterclass in tourism industry- MCI

By the invitation of the National Tourism Administration, international speaker Michael Bang is conducting masterclasses in Georgia.Special masterclasses are for travel companies, hotels and convention bureaus.

With the organizing of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, the National Tourism Administration and MCI-management consulting investment partnerships, two days of Michael Bang’s masterclasses will be held in Tbilisi. The main topic is “How to create a 5-star sales and communication system”.

More than 150 companies from tourism representatives attended the meeting. The satisfaction of the employees is 100% in practical terms. Mariam Kvrivishvili, Head of Tourism Administration, welcomed the trainers. The international speaker has discussed active sales strategies and effective communication methods. Michael Bang has a great experience: international sales, negotiation, service sector. He has his own copyright programs.

Michael Bang has conducted masterclasses in major corporations: Panasonic, Toyota, Volvo, Nestle, Unilever, Heineken. The MCI Group, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and the National Tourism Administration evaluate this masterclass as an innovative, timely and necessary step towards innovation in Georgia, and many innovations are still welcome to tourism sector representatives.

Investment need in the real business- MCI

MCI is interested to get 300 000 euro investment in Georgian market, ROI: 25-30%, yearly. Company is stable and fast growing, 3 years experience. Investment is needed because of a market growth. Industry: construction Repair instruments / Consumables Materials distribution company. Management involvement: active or passive. The same business in Italy market – 2 mln euro investment.

MCI’s Interest in Investing

MCI’s Interest in Investing

MCI is interested in investing 5-6 million euros in companies that have a history of 2-5 years. Following Characteristics:

1. Industrial medical technologies (chronic diseases, less injection type treatment), medical consultation and medical management technologies.

2. Early stage of technical phase / development of business. The technology is unique, with extensive use. The product has already been put on the market, tested. Safety norms and commercial information are protected.

3. Geographical location: Focus Europe, but other areas are also considered.

Solutions to Grow Your Assets – MCI’s Legal Services

Solutions to Grow Your Assets – MCI’s Legal Services

Legal service is an effective solution for the most challenging, complicated and critical legal issues based on our experience and deep knowledge of the law.

About company

MCI Group is an innovative and result-oriented management and investment consulting company that offers partners diverse and financially justified solutions made on an individual basis. The idea of establishing our company was to enter, craft strategy, manage and provide reasonable investment.

So, on the strength of deep understanding of business we had developed the whole spectrum consulting services that took our partners to a higher level. We provide a full range of business consulting services in Management, Finances, Marketing, Sales, Legal, Accounting, Investment and International integrity.

We offer company diagnostics, development of the strategy and forecast for the next 1-3 years. At the final stage of the project, we provide management outsourcing to implement the strategy plan based on international, modern principles of doing business and the best practice for implementing business rules.

Our mission

Our mission is to help Business owners and managers make better decisions, positive changes and prepare for their best financial future.

Our values

The way we do things are in pursuit of our vision:

Integrity – we value honesty, trustworthiness and high ethical standard;

Excellence – we strive for excellent performance in everything we do;

Innovation – we value innovation efforts, ideas and methods to continually improve our business processes;

Enthusiasm – we seek and try every opportunity to achieve the goals;

Courage – we challenge the status quo and find a way to make things better;

Achievement – we strive for excellence and deliver results.

The importance of lawyers

Business owners and managers faced countless business law situations and complex legal matters, which also includes financial losses, caused due to the unresolved legal issues in the partnership chain (suppliers, customers, creditors, debtors). The manager’s decisions could make or break business owner’s financial future and the stability of their business.

It should be mentioned that, the companies usually refer to us for legal consulting just when some problems have already occurred and they are at the stage of on-going disputes. In such cases despite our efforts, may not be possible to decide legal matter or settle out-of-court. The Lawyers active involvement in a company’s day-to-day activities is vital for the unhindered functioning of the company:

• The lawyer will provide the company staff within the course of their works, to understand and acknowledge existing legal regulations. The staff can be: director, human resource manager, accountant, marketing manager, etc. Employees who deal with the relevant legal issues in the process of working. Consequently, the prior consulting with the lawyer, considering the applicable law and following all requirements will prevent the company from failure.

• Company’s daily activities include: negotiation with partners, conduct business transactions, draw up, formation, performance, enforcement of contract and other legal documents. When highly qualified team deals with negotiation and drafting process, they analyse business risks, consider the specificity, interests and requirements of the company, and thus, the Company can avoid future misunderstandings.

• It is vitally important that the manager respond to legal issues timely and effectively. The phrase “time is money” is once again confirmed by the fact that the management’s delayed response to the legal matters causes the growth of the company’s expenses like cost of attorney’s service fees, court fees, other expenses related to the legal case, etc. Therefore, timely and effective response to the legal issues in the long run will save the company’s expenses.

• Case and litigation strategy clearly determines the success and outcome of the dispute, redressing such cases in the court of higher instance might be difficult. Thus, it is important that specialized and experienced lawyers create a winning case strategy and represent the company in the court from the beginning to handle the case and prevent further adverse consequences.

What we offer

That is why we decided to bring up legal services. We identify and assess the business risks and provide companies with reliable, justified and business-oriented solutions to complex legal matters and business problems. Since, we have a multi-profile experience and our team works for distribution, production, food, vehicles, furniture, jewellery, household chemistry, construction materials, metal constructions, power plant, cosmetics, health care, media and television, hotel, financial institutions, digital business, construction, trading companies, we are conscious of the specifics of the Georgian market, quite easily and quickly respond to all the most important aspects of a client’s need.

Our team provides a full range of legal assistance from long established companies to start-up business and has the most experienced practices focused on Business Formation and Administration, Legal Drafting, Labor and Employment Law, Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisition, Tax Law, Banking and Finances, Investment Law, Business and Commercial Litigation.

Service fee

The fee for business consulting services starts from 2,000 Gel and depends on the legal issues. To make our services available for the small and medium size business we benefit 50% co-financing of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Head of MCI GROUP Legal Department

Tatia Khabeishvili

Daniel Goleman: How to Be Emotionally Intelligent

Daniel Goleman: How to Be Emotionally Intelligent

What makes a great leader? Knowledge, smarts and vision, to be sure. To that, Daniel Goleman, author of “Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence,” would add the ability to identify and monitor emotions — your own and others’ — and to manage relationships.

Qualities associated with such “emotional intelligence” distinguish the best leaders in the corporate world, according to Mr. Goleman, a former New York Times science reporter, a psychologist and co-director of a consortium at Rutgers University to foster research on the role emotional intelligence plays in excellence. He shares his short list of the competencies.


Realistic self-confidence: You understand your own strengths and limitations; you operate from competence and know when to rely on someone else on the team.

Emotional insight: You understand your feelings. Being aware of what makes you angry, for instance, can help you manage that anger.


Resilience: You stay calm under pressure and recover quickly from upsets. You don’t brood or panic. In a crisis, people look to the leader for reassurance; if the leader is calm, they can be, too.

Emotional balance: You keep any distressful feelings in check — instead of blowing up at people, you let them know what’s wrong and what the solution is.

Self-motivation: You keep moving toward distant goals despite setbacks.


Cognitive and emotional empathy: Because you understand other perspectives, you can put things in ways colleagues comprehend. And you welcome their questions, just to be sure.

Cognitive empathy, along with reading another person’s feelings accurately, makes for effective communication.

Good listening: You pay full attention to the other person and take time to understand what they are saying, without talking over them or hijacking the agenda.


Compelling communication: You put your points in persuasive, clear ways so that people are motivated as well as clear about expectations.

Team playing: People feel relaxed working with you. One sign: They laugh easily around you.