MCI group – once again an international award winner

MCI Group has been granted an award of the international consulting projects conference “Consulting without Borders: Sustainable Development” which is organized by Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation in partnership with BEDO-Bali.

In 2020, MCI Group representative will travel to receive the award. The conference “Consulting without Borders: Sustainable Development” takes places in Bali, Indonesia. MCI and its partner company will deliver the master class about its consulting project and the innovative results. The conference will be attended by expert consultants from all over the world as well as by governmental institutions.

MCI Group CEO, Ketevan Asanidze mentions that this award is an achievement of constant progressive changes and rightly selected and strong partnerships. For her, it is the huge responsibility to represent Georgia among big countries worldwide already the second time. To note, in 2015 MCI Group received Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation and EBRD award for a consulting project in Istanbul, Turkey. In particular, it was one of the first management outsourcing projects. This was an innovative decision of the company management about which local and international media sources were writing.

In 2019, the project solution focuses on the innovative partnerships and synchronic chain of management that had an impact on the country-level strategic planning and execution.

MCI Group realizes investments in various business sectors. It is distinct with innovative approaches and is open to international markets.

Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation annual conference “Consulting without Borders” was launched many years. The Foundation is implementing innovations and integrates best global practices in consulting and business services, as well as facilitates open professional and cultural relations in business and related stakeholders. The co-host of the event BEDO-Bali supports small and medium-size businesses and shares social and environmental responsibility in Indonesia.




Sales growth and 5 star service masterclass in tourism industry- MCI

By the invitation of the National Tourism Administration, international speaker Michael Bang is conducting masterclasses in Georgia.Special masterclasses are for travel companies, hotels and convention bureaus.

With the organizing of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, the National Tourism Administration and MCI-management consulting investment partnerships, two days of Michael Bang’s masterclasses will be held in Tbilisi. The main topic is “How to create a 5-star sales and communication system”.

More than 150 companies from tourism representatives attended the meeting. The satisfaction of the employees is 100% in practical terms. Mariam Kvrivishvili, Head of Tourism Administration, welcomed the trainers. The international speaker has discussed active sales strategies and effective communication methods. Michael Bang has a great experience: international sales, negotiation, service sector. He has his own copyright programs.

Michael Bang has conducted masterclasses in major corporations: Panasonic, Toyota, Volvo, Nestle, Unilever, Heineken. The MCI Group, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and the National Tourism Administration evaluate this masterclass as an innovative, timely and necessary step towards innovation in Georgia, and many innovations are still welcome to tourism sector representatives.

Investment need in the real business- MCI

MCI is interested to get 300 000 euro investment in Georgian market, ROI: 25-30%, yearly. Company is stable and fast growing, 3 years experience. Investment is needed because of a market growth. Industry: construction Repair instruments / Consumables Materials distribution company. Management involvement: active or passive. The same business in Italy market – 2 mln euro investment.

MCI’s Interest in Investing

MCI’s Interest in Investing

MCI is interested in investing 5-6 million euros in companies that have a history of 2-5 years. Following Characteristics:

1. Industrial medical technologies (chronic diseases, less injection type treatment), medical consultation and medical management technologies.

2. Early stage of technical phase / development of business. The technology is unique, with extensive use. The product has already been put on the market, tested. Safety norms and commercial information are protected.

3. Geographical location: Focus Europe, but other areas are also considered.