MCI Group is an exclusive partner of Genova Diagnostics

Genova Diagnostics is known as “future laboratory”. The company is a pioneer in a systems based approach that supports healthcare providers in the personalized treatment and prevention of chronic disease. MCI Group is proud to announce, that we now are the exclusive partners and representatives of this exquisite laboratory in Georgia, which will provide nutritional, gastrointestinal, endocrinology testing, such as METABOLOMIX +, NUTREVAL FMV, GI EFFECTS and COMPLETE HORMONES.

Metabolomix+ is one of the most comprehensive functional and nutritional assessments available. It is designed to help practitioners identify root causes of dysfunction and provide a systems-based approach to help patients overcome chronic conditions and live a healthier life. A few simple tweaks can make a big difference in your body and how you feel. Testing can help pinpoint where to make adjustments.

NUTREVAL FMV testing measures 100s of areas in the body that are impacted by poor nutrition. Your results are presented in a personalized report so that your doctor can help create an individual plan specific to your needs.
GI EFFECTS testing identifies abnormalities such as: Chronic constipation, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, bloating – irritable bowel syndrome. Sometimes there are underlying causes of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) that go undetected by conventional testing. Food allergies, maldigestion, parasites, yeast, and bacterial imbalances can all contribute to IBS. Identifying these abnormalities through Genova’s testing allows your clinician to make treatment adjustments that can improve your symptoms.
COMPLETE HORMONES: Throughout your life, these messengers play an important role in muscle and skin tone, bone health, sleep, and energy levels. Hormone imbalance can occur at any age and contribute to diseases such as osteoporosis, dementia, cancer, and heart disease.  Knowing the levels of your hormones and how they relate to each other can open up a wide range of solutions for you and your clinician. These include guided nutritional therapies, lifestyle changes, and potentially hormone replacement therapy to keep you in balance.

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Online conference: how to manage and maintain quality in healthcare sector?

MCI Group and IMS with British and French partner companies, present the first online conference on the quality and certification process in clinics. During the meeting, a representative of British companies, BSI and Intertek, as well as a representative of the French company – AB Certificazione will answer all the questions related to quality management in clinics.

We present you the speakers of our online conference – “Quality Management in Healthcare Sector”:

◾️ George Abi Rached: Senior Consultant-Trainer and Lead Auditor of AB Certification. With over 20+ years of experience in health services, an IRCA-approved quality management provider, has proceeded more than 100 consulting and auditing projects.
◾️ Aleksey Pikulin: BSI Chief Account Manager. 20+ Courses Management Training, Quality Management Project Services, has done more than 10 consulting and auditing projects.
◾️ Pavel Ananyev: CEO of Intertek – Quality Assurance. 16+ years of exam certification. Expert in 4 ISO standards 4 and 6 healthcare industries.
◾️ Artavazd Baghdasaryan – Senior Consultant-Trainer at IMS. 10+ years of work experience in the field of environmental protection and food safety, quality management, consulting, auditing. Has done up to 100 audits around the world. Expert in 5 ISO standards and 6 healthcare industries.
◾️ Ketevan Asanidze – General Director of MCI Group. 10 years of cross-cutting practice: reform, strategic planning and change management, sustainable development, investment and innovation management, 100+ million budget management, intercultural communications and negotiation management, international market relations and globalization.
◾️ Miranda Manjgaladze – MCI Group Managing Partner and Event Facilitator. 10+ year experience in management of educational institutions, food catering services, and FMCG Retail sector. Direct experience in analyzing, developing, implementing, and managing standard operating procedures (SOPs) in various organization across several sectors including university based medical institution in the United States.

Time: February 25, 11:00 -14: 00 p.m.

You can look through our program:
11:00 – 11:15 – Conference will be opened by: Baghdasaryan Artavaz, IMS; Asanidze Ketevan, MCI Group.
11:15 – 11:45 – Presentation by IMS and MCI Group.
11:45 – 12:15 – Introduction of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 certification process in medical organizations.
12:15 – 12:45 – Detailed description of the quality management system (QMS) development and implementation processes.
12:45 – 13:00 – Break.
13:00 – 13:15 – Global Certification Authority – BSI.
13:15 – 13:30 – Global Certification Authority – AB Certification.
13:30 – 13:45 – Global Certification Authority – Intertek.
13:45 – 14:00 – Summary, Q&A mode and next steps.

The conference will be held through ZOOM. To attend it is necessary to register:
After registration you will receive a link to attend ZOOM on email address provided in registration form.

Managers with foresight Vision & Industry 5.0

Managers with foresight Vision & Industry 5.0

Being online constitutes a significant part of our daily routine. Given the recent situation with the pandemic, we all have less face-to-face communication and thus our minds begin to think differently. We open up to an alternative format of thinking – namely, how to solve problems more easily and without unnecessary actions.

It is as if the world has stopped to free up time for people to think. Today is the day to bring forth all successful experiences. It is time for a progressive leap.

Same goes for businesses – the efficiency of processes is increased and there are more result-oriented actions. There is no longer a need for ineffective meetings thus saving time and costs.

Technical processes are being replaced by artificial intelligence. Businesses are starting to think otherwise –what can be resolved through online meeting cancels face-to-face interaction.

Some business processes are naturally rearranged, while others require artificial intervention by manager. The pandemic has led to useless business transactions.

Businesses are starting to think about restructuring and retraining employees. It is either ability to keep up with natural flow and make radical changes quickly or close down. There is no crisis. It is a myth… it was invented to justify immobility. The market demand remains and closing a business is not the right solution for it. The gaps in market will pave way to those who manage to transform.

The main solution is an organizational restart of the business which is a complicated process. The difficulty lays not in actions themselves, but in ability to change thinking radically.

Some of the problems that managers face:

  1. Despair and shock due to declining sales that causes fear and immobility. “We do not have financial strength. Everything is closed and I do not know what to do. Nobody knows what will happen.”  Managers should look at themselves from a side (self-analysis is the key, what was done wrong, what mistakes were made, did they experience a negative loop based on their decisions, what inflexible actions did they take in the past.), because they are the company’s strategist and their vision is the guarantor of the company’s success.

Their ideas should be brought to life as business processes.

Managers should put emphasis on intellect and ideas in order to succeed in desired transformation. They should pose questions, what is the new demand and how to rearrange the existing structure, how to grow the company with the new structure. Managers must possess their specific manner to advance the execution purposefully and lead with utmost efficiency.

The new action plan revolves around product conversion (addition/modification) and enhanced online marketing, which in turn requires different type of knowledge. Managers need to change their vision – what they used to do could have been successful before, but today those actions and plans are outdated. There are steps to be taken such as a new plan development with a new structure and innovative products; changing the channels of communication with the customer; drastically increasing the amount of communication.

Internet marketing channels and advertising are meta-focused on the target segment, and managers can use this source to provide information to a specific target age group. But — reorganizing employees to work on a new system — this is what takes time and effort. New sales channels do not preclude forgetting the old ones, but over time the old channels will be significantly reduced. Managers should plan a test period for new products and prepare employees and partners to launch the product. Identifying the need for preparation is the first step towards gaining team knowledge. Team knowledge lowers business risks and eliminates mistakes. This is a prerequisite for globalization that will lead many businesses to large-scale results in terms of wealth creation.

Efficiency parameters are changing: some companies may have to forget about old products altogether. For example, the losses of oil companies exceed billions. Their prime concern is working on new products to create an alternative power source. Meanwhile, local manufacturing, technological innovations, telemedicine and food businesses became the best investment destinations. Meeting the current demand fields mentioned above also introduced modified products to the market. The service is moving online…

This day it is effortless to enter the international market, being online uncovers many unprecedented opportunities and will open even more in the future…

The world of digitization 5.0 is running efficiently in the world, which implies the full introduction of technological innovations. Industry 5.0 requires the development of managerial foresight. Investments should be made with knowledge and teaching should be perceived as a continuous process. As a result, within this model, the organization becomes sustainable. This is a new Era when success depends solely on knowledge. Knowledge must be constantly transformed according to modern trends. Managers and their teams must present their knowledge in a transformed way to both the market and the founders.


Ketevan Asanidze


MCI GROUP Management Consulting Investment



Forbes about us:

Due to the global pandemic Business Consulting and Investment Company MCI Continues Working Online

Due to the current situation in the world (the global pandemic) Business Consulting and Investment Company MCI Group feels social responsibility and is ready to offer its services to different types of business online:

  • Business diagnostics
  • Business Consultations  in a real time
  • Strategic planning
  • Outsourcing of  Marketing, management, finance, sales growth and legal services

Due to the high demand, the company reserves the right to consider each case within a reasonable timeframe providing information regarding the amount of time it will take to process submitted case. To sign up for online consultation call to our strategy development manager Eko Tsirekidze +995 574 203 181 Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.

Throughout its operation timeline, MCI Group has garnered numbers of international recognitions, including recent award in an international category “Social Reform and Poverty Reduction” – “Best Social Reform and Poverty Reduction” 2020 Bali, Indonesia.

MCI Group has won the 2019 International Consulting Projects Competition: “Consulting without Borders: Sustainable Development” by the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation, this time in partnership with BEDO-Bali in category “Social Reform and Poverty Reduction “. The company was awarded the prize for the best performance of a year in management.

MCI Group is a consulting company and invests in a variety of business areas. It is distinguished by innovative approaches and is open to international markets. MCI operates on international basis and provides a full range of business services: investment, management, marketing, sales growth, finance management.

MCI has implemented important projects in different sectors. Our portfolio includes management outsourcing and investments in largescale companies. Through the synthesis of the complete business package (managerial, financial, legal, sales, marketing, investment) we have a new, different vision with full observance of objectivity and professionalism.

We cover almost all sectors: distribution and manufacturing ( food, furniture, household, chemicals, building materials, metal constructions, hydro stations, cosmetics, service, fashion), healthcare, mass media, hotel management, financial institutions, digital business, construction, retail, etc.


The international competition “Consulting without Borders: Sustainable Development” was held on the island of Bali in Indonesia. MCI, along with its partner company, read a masterclass concerning the consulting project and discussed its innovative results. Expert consultants as well as representatives of the public sector from different countries attended the conference.

Ketevan Asanidze, CEO of MCI Group, says that she has achieved this result with constant progressive changes and well-chosen, strong partners. It is a great responsibility for her to represent Georgia on the international stage among the giant countries for the second time in this competition. Moreover, in the history of most developing countries, such results as these are the economic advancement of the population and the creation of wealth, which in itself responds to the MCI’s mission in the Georgian market.

In 2015, MCI Group received a joint award from the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation and EBRD for excellent consulting project implementation in Istanbul, Turkey. MCI was first to implement full internal management project in Georgia. It was an innovative decision covered both by local and international media.

The 2019 project solution is linked to innovative partnerships and a synchronized chain of management methods, which has had an impact on the strategic planning and execution of the concerned sector across the country and radically changed the strategy with an open series of new reforms within this particular sector.

The annual competition from the Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation “Consulting without Borders” carries out integration of best world practitioners into consulting and business services, as well as encourages establishing open professional and cultural relationships between business and business participants. The co-host of the event was BEDO-Bali, a small and medium-sized business support organization that shares social and environmental responsibilities in Indonesia.



9 April, 2020



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OKmagazine story:


MCI group – once again an international award winner

MCI Group has been granted an award of the international consulting projects conference “Consulting without Borders: Sustainable Development” which is organized by Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation in partnership with BEDO-Bali.

In 2020, MCI Group representative will travel to receive the award. The conference “Consulting without Borders: Sustainable Development” takes places in Bali, Indonesia. MCI and its partner company will deliver the master class about its consulting project and the innovative results. The conference will be attended by expert consultants from all over the world as well as by governmental institutions.

MCI Group CEO, Ketevan Asanidze mentions that this award is an achievement of constant progressive changes and rightly selected and strong partnerships. For her, it is the huge responsibility to represent Georgia among big countries worldwide already the second time. To note, in 2015 MCI Group received Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation and EBRD award for a consulting project in Istanbul, Turkey. In particular, it was one of the first management outsourcing projects. This was an innovative decision of the company management about which local and international media sources were writing.

In 2019, the project solution focuses on the innovative partnerships and synchronic chain of management that had an impact on the country-level strategic planning and execution.

MCI Group realizes investments in various business sectors. It is distinct with innovative approaches and is open to international markets.

Gabriel Al-Salem Foundation annual conference “Consulting without Borders” was launched many years. The Foundation is implementing innovations and integrates best global practices in consulting and business services, as well as facilitates open professional and cultural relations in business and related stakeholders. The co-host of the event BEDO-Bali supports small and medium-size businesses and shares social and environmental responsibility in Indonesia.